The TMS Campus Advantage Solution

TMS Campus Advantage combines technology and people to deliver best-in-class tuition payment solutions while providing a superior customer experience. Campus Advantage is the integration of one or all of the TMS products and services delivered through a modern, school-branded user portal that follows your school’s business rules to deliver a seamless and robust user experience.



All Service

At TMS, people and technology power superior service.  We pride ourselves on offering advanced technology for customer-friendly, self-service options which include 24/7 IVR (with Spanish options) as well as extended-hours assistance with Education Payment Advisors, available by web or phone.



Our technology solutions support a customized, school-branded experience.  You are in control of the TMS products and services that you offer.  We present the payment methods and options that are approved by your school.  Our pricing works to help meet your needs for outsourced solutions while meeting your budget goals.



TMS Campus Advantage products and services provide maximum flexibility for your school.  No two schools are exactly alike.  Therefore, we have built a dynamic system to accommodate your school’s specific business practices, from administering a payment plan and sending a bill to accepting and posting a payment.


Workload Relief

Let us be the back office that powers a seamless, user-friendly experience for your families.  We are able to provide you with a hosted solution with the option of real time student account integration for most SIS systems, which requires minimal campus IT resources and reduces business office workload by automatically updating transactions to student accounts.



We minimize your risk and ensure that funds, data, student and payer privacy are all protected.  It is our job to make your job easier.  We make compliance a top priorit, complying with the standards of PCI DSS, NACHA rules, FERPA and more.


10 Considerations to Help You Optimize Payment Acceptance Processes

Let’s start off by putting the shoe on the other foot. YOU need to make a payment….. ….you could pay cash – nah, that’s not convenient ….you could write a check – nah that takes too long ….you could send an e-check – nah you don’t get any points for that ….you could use your CREDIT…


Texting 123, Texting

Recently, Facebook paid 19 billion dollars to acquire a texting application for mobile phones called WhatsApp and a lot of folks asked why? How did an app popular primarily in Europe, and even more so in emerging markets, become the biggest tech purchase of all time? 1WhatsApp adds one million new users each day and has added 250 million in the last nine…